...!!!  Warming up before the start of my quartet rehearsal.

Tom Jones Tribute, characterized by british Andy Wood. With

me: Andreu Pitarch (dr.), Josep Esquirol (keyb.) y
Alejandro Tamayo

(b.). Sala Sarau, Badalona.

The "Baratos" from Martorell, the best Ska of Baix Llobregat, during the Santa Oliva City

Festival, in Olesa de Montserrat. Here I play the electric bass.
Jazz Duet, with Pere Miró Mayor at the alt saxophone,

enlivening an exquisite food and wine 
pairing in Martorell.
Recording a song that I wrote for string quartet. Violins: Apel·les  

Carod/João Silva, Viola: Sergio Alegre, Cello: Clara Oller, audio engineer:


The ESMUC's Big Band records an arrangement I made for the  

standard "Out of Nowhere"; musical director: Lluís Vidal.
Xino Xano's trio plays at El Born CC. Josep Cordobés (drums), Pere Miró

(alto sax
) and me (guitar).
Summer jam at the store/restaurant Temps de Terra. Xavi

Castillo (b.), Lucas Martínez (sx.) y Jordi Pallarés (dr.).